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Charlieissocoollike was challenged to do the following, true or false?

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ChallengeTrue or False?
Visit 10 London Landmarks in under 2 hours
Visit the set of Doctor Who
Drink an entire bottle of Ketchup
Make a shake with all iconic Charlie items
Wrap himself up in wrapping paper
Speak in an American accent
Put on every item of clothing he owns
Wrap himself up in toilet paper
Dye his hair green
Paint a ceramic elephent
Have a geek-off
Make balloon animals
Take a Beiber fever quiz
Make brownies
Write a song about Mario
Hold a tarantula
ChallengeTrue or False?
Steal a Mars Bar
Try fish Fingers and Custard
Shave his head
Dress up in a banana costume
Learn to play harmonica
Make zombie noises expressing emotion
Eat glue
Eat an entire lemon
Egg a park bench
Fill his mouth with Cinnamon
Cover himself in honey and feathers
Dance the 'Hoedown Throwdown'
Paint himself purple
Write a poem professing his love of Alex Day
Bungee jump
Learn to Juggle

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