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Name the Fall Out Boy song that's been translated into a different language then back into English.

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Forced Order
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Translated Song TitleSong TitleLanguage
Whence came the Party GoCatalan
No one raised the baby in the cornerChinese (Traditional)
You fall, but you will not find a waveLithuanian
explosion DoldrumyUkrainian
Western coast of SmokeSlovenian
This is not a redneck white bastard It's an arms race of sceneJapanese
I miss home of Space CampUzbek
Liars, fakes LordTamil
Ringing in my ears, I have implemented all of this was on my finger,Malayalam
Translated Song TitleSong TitleLanguage
Head sliding into bad bets CooperJapanese
And the disadvantages of breathingSwedish
Flight Pack thoughtsChichewa
We crashed and sugarKorean
Volcanoes youthSwahili
Derivative sophomore or Best Original OccurrencesMalay
Unfortunately your eye YuleSinhala
The name of the song that we change our technology so we could not get legal counselSinhala
I know what the dark SongsAzerbaijani

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