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Forced Order
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Who lip synced against Katya on the second week of Season 7?
Who knows how to do sexy?
What award show was hosted on the 5th week of Season 7
Who should go back to Party City where she belongs?
What do the 5 Gs stand for?
What was the first mini-challenge of season 6?
Who was eliminated fourth on season 4?
Who was Jaidynn Diore Fierce paired with for the conjoined twins challenge on season 7?
Who was the first person to enter the work room on season 5?
Who was Taylor Swift on Snatch Game?
Who brought the house down on the third week of season 4's lip sync?
Who was racist on the political campaign challenge on season 4?
Who was Pandora Boxx's partner for All-Stars?
Who did everyone hate so much on Season 5?
Who is the transgender contestant from season 4?
What was the challenge for the eighth week of season 5?
Always and forever, ______ _______!
Who was Miss Congeniality for season 1?
Who came in 8th place on season 1?
Who was Alyssa Edwards on Snatch Game?
Who spreads hers legs and flies?
Who lip synced to 'I'm Every Woman'?
What is April Carrion's real name?
Who dressed as male RuPaul on the runway?
Who showed her ass on the runway?(Spoilers:It is a fine ass)
Who was had a low score, but wasn't in the bottom two of week 4 of season 5?
Who was third to last to enter the workroom on season 2?
Who did a spot on Britney Spears impression on Snatch Game?
Who came in fourth place on season 2?
Who won the lip sync to the song 'He's the Greatest Dancer'?
Who was RuPaul on Snatch Game?
Who lip synced in 'I've Got to Use my Imagination'
Who came in 9th place on Season 3?
What big girl did splits on the runway?
Which two girls won 1 challenge on Season 3?
Which two queens had high scores on episode 3 of Season 1, but didn't win?
Which queen lost the lip sync to the song '(It Takes) Two to Make it Right'?
What was the runway theme for week 4 of season 7?
Who is the judge of complete and utter judgement?
Which queen is hilarious but failed at doing comedy?
She say _______! I say WHAT!
Who was the winner of Season 3?
Who is the Jesus of the Drag World?

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