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Based on a broad liberal arts background with particular emphaiss on a combination theory and practical courses
For those selecting internal communication, human service, and research options, particular emphasis should be placed on these types of courses to understand human behavior and res
Important courses for those in the field of education, training, and consulting
Benefit most from courses in interpersonal communication, persuasion, interviewing, small-group processes, multicultural communication, and conflict management
Courses in journalism, technical writing, public relations, and media production courses focus on this
Suggested that individual workers will become more responsible over time for his/her own career, in terms of a 'flat world'
Global playing field brought about by sophisticated communications technologies
Created five catagories to contrast new versus old career paradigms
Strategic positioning dispersed to separate business units with everyone responsible for adding value
Building alliances and interdependence with clusters of organizations including competitors
Stability; dependence on organizational planning
Flexibility and constant change; individual initiative
Individual focuses on psychological success
Blurring of lines between work and other parts of our lives
Partners or alliances across groups and organizations to leverage the best possible resources for a given project
Collaborative but not considered permanent association of professionals working together for a specific project or service
The new, 21st century way of career development

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