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Can you name the best movies of the noughties, according to The Times?

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Michael Haneke2005
Paul Greengrass2004/2007
Joel And Ethan Coen2007
Werner Herzog2005
Trey Parker2004
Danny Boyle2008
Kevin Macdonald2006
Martin Campbell2006
Stephen Frears2006
Steve McQueen2008
Larry Charles2006
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck2006
Shane Meadows2007
Cristian Mungiu2007
Oliver Hirschbiegel2004
Michel Gondry2004
Ang Lee2005
Tomas Alfredson2008
Paul Greengrass2006
Richard Kelly2001
George Clooney2005
Todd Haynes2002
James Marsh2008
Danny Boyle2002
Lars Von Trier2000
Steven Spielberg2002
Alexander Payne2004
Julian Schnabel2007
Spike Jonze2000
Gaspar Noe2002
James Longley2006
Ridley Scott2000
Mira Nair2002
Andrew Stanton/Lee Unkrich2003
Alfonso Cuaron2002
Andrew Jarecki2004
Wong Kar Wei2000
David Lynch2001
Sofia Coppola2003
Stephen Gaghan2005
Alfonso Cuaron2006
Brad Bird2004
Christopher Nolan2008
Francois Ozon2000
Kevin Macdonald2003
Steven Soderbergh2000
Pawel Pawlikowski2004
Jonathan Dayton/Valerie Faris2006
Judd Apatow2007
Peter Jackson2003
Nanni Moretti2001
Fernando Meirelles2005
Gus Van Sant2008
Terry Zwigoff2003
Andrew Dominick2000
Pedro Almodovar2006
Paolo Sorrentino2004
Edgar Wright2004
Nicolas Philibert2002
Noah Baumbach2005
Hayao Miyazaki2001
Adam Mackay2004
Paul Thomas Anderson2007
Jean-Pierre Dardenne/Luc Dardenne2005
Ari Folman2008
Fernando Meirelles/Katia Lund2002
Matteo Garrone2008
Christopher Nolan2000
Vincent Paronnaud/Marjane Satrapi2007
Laurent Cantet2008
Pete Docter/David Silverman/Lee Unkrich2001
Kathryn Bigelow2008
Jacques Audiard2002
Guillermo del Toro2005
Pedro Almodovar2002
Anton Corbijn2007
Michael Moore2002
Alexander Payne2002
Ismael Ferroukhi2004
Miranda July2005
Armando Iannucci2009
Edward Yang2000
Ken Loach2006
Terry George2004
Michael Haneke2001
Juan Antonio Bayona2007
Reha Erdem2006
Wes Anderson2001
Richard Linklater2003
David Dobkin2005
Ray Lawrence2001
Stephen Frears2002
Zhang Yimou2004
Davis Guggenheim2006
Alejandro González Iñárritu2000
Lynne Ramsay2002
Park Chan-Wook2005
Paul Haggis2004
Kinji Fukasaku2000
David Frankel2006

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