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Can you name the Major (and some minor) Players of the Trojan War?

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ExplanationCharacter Name
prophetess cursed by Apollo never to be believed
wife of Agamemnon who killed him upon his return home from the war
wife of Menelaus who was kidnapped by Paris
Greek who convinced the Trojans that the Trojan Horse should be brought into the city
goddess of Discord who was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis and threw the golden apple among the gods
goddess mother of Achilles
greatest Greek fighter besides Achilles
Achilles' best friend who was killed by Hector while wearing Achilles' armor
greatest Trojan fighter who was killed by Achilles
king of Troy and father of Hector
wise, old Greek
father of Achilles
ExplanationCharacter Name
Trojan priest who tries to convince them not to bring the Trojan Horse into the city and is killed by sea serpents
son of Hector who is killed by Neoptolemus, the son of Achilles
wife of Hector
Trojan shepherd who was asked to judge the fairest among three goddesses and who kidnapped Helen to begin the Trojan War
the craftiest of the Greeks who conceived of the idea of the Trojan Horse and who wandered for 10 years on his way home to Ithaca
father of Menelaus and Agamamenon
daughter of Agamemnon whom he sacrifices to the goddess Artemis for favorable winds to Troy
Greek general who leads the Greek army at Troy
husband of Helen, brother of Agamemnon
greatest Greek warrior who removes himself from the war after a quarrel with Agamemnon
blind Greek poet who wrote the two most famous poems about the Trojan War

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