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zelda, link, ganon
fox, slippy, falco
mario, luigi, peach
morrigan, lilith, demitri
rayman, globox, reflux
kain, raziel
c.j, sweet, ryder
ryu, chun-li, guile
marduk, eldred, infernoz
kasumi, tina,
sub-zero, scorpion, mileena
mai, vice, terry
cody, maki, haggar
daniel, alastor, lucifer
alex, ibuki, dudley
jill, chris, tyrant
snake, liquid snake, gray fox
megaman, roll, dr.willy
sonic, knuckles, tails
dracula, simon, alucard
regina, t-rex, kirk
magician, agent g, curien
lyn, marth, ike
tifa, cloud, sephiroth
nero, dante, trish
t-elos, momo, kos-mos
reiji, xiaomu, saya
abel, seth, c.viper
frank, isabela, zombie
nightmare, taki, ivy
haken, kaguya, anne
neige, aledy, cindy
phoenix wright, mia fey, franziska von karma
sora, mickey, donald
batsu, hinata, kyosuke
smoke rider, the judge, incubus
billy, rebecca, leech
claire, leon, birkin
ken the eagle, soki, frank west
cable, amingo, ryu
amaterasu, yami
wario, ashley, anna
samus, mother brain, ridley
niko bellic, roman
ness, lucas, gyigas
arthur, goblin, goul
pikachu, chansey, articuno
donkey kong, diddy kong, dixie kong
pit, palutena, eggplant wizard
kirby, metaknight, king dedede
nina williams, jin kazama

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