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'main' protagonist; Ratsbaneput on a shirt
the 'leading man'like rings much?
Viera; sky piratethe middle sister
traitor; the good twin'I'm Captain____!'
'surprise' princess
orphan; Ratsbane's friend
judge; the female one
judge; gold armor
judge; Alexander Commander
judge; powerfulhe's on steroids...
ex-judge; judge magisterJudge Zecht
judge; the bad twinNoah
main enemy; sibling killer
'Lamont'; looks like a girl
dutyful Dalmascan knight; Azelas
Ratsbane's brother
prince; died early on
king; killed by Noah
king; killed by his son (technichly)
Rozarrian prince
Spiritual leader on Bur-Omisace
bounty hunter; wants the leading man dead
bounty hunter henchman #1
bounty hunter henchman #2
bounty hunter henchman #3
Crazy doctor; talks to himself
helpful old man
blue bangaa; Ratsbane works for him
Reddas henchperson #1
Reddas henchperson #2
Reddas henchperson #3
Lowtown 'sky pirate'
sounds like 'fights'
Occurian King
traitor Occuria; heretic
Archadian Senate chairman
you borrow chocobos from this one
captures Ratsbane in the Cloudborne
leader of Eruyt village; elder sister of #3
younger sister of #3
helps Ratsbane out in Archades
head of Clan Centurio
fixes the Strahl
Marquis of Bhujerba
Gives Ratsbane his first hunt
moogling attendant
moogling attendant
Imperial blocking the way to Mosphoran Highwaste
other Imperial block the way
Merchant in Nabudis

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