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Can you guess what is white with the help of some hints?

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Intellectual character in Family Guy
Used to break down food
Most widely consumed staple food, a variety of which is called 'Jasmine'
______ and chive
Can be beaten to foam to make meringue
Typically carries an olive branch as sign of peace
Granular material composed of small ice particles
A form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite
_____ and spice and all things nice kisses sweeter than wine (song by The Searchers)
Produced by the mammary glands of mammals
Outer layer of the human eye containing collagen and elastic fibre
Animal that is often kept and bred for scientific research
Famous government building, torched by British in 1812
Lives mainly within the Arctic Circle
Also called Leukocytes these are cells of the immune system that protect the body
Species of onion that may enhance sexual drive

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