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Last name of actor Matthew, starred in Dazed and Confused, A Time to Kill, and How to lose a Guy in 10 Days 
First name of actress Kinski, former partner of Roman Polanski 
Actress Hayden, star of I Love you Beth Cooper 
Full name of the actor who played Morpheus in The Matrix 
Acting brother and sister Jake and Maggie 
Full name of the blonde star of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring 
Full name of the actor who starred in Transformers, Indiana Jones 4, and 'Even Stevens' 
Talk show host and Lesbian Ellen 
Full name of the director of Pi, Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler 
Full name of the actor who portrayed Zack Morris on 'Saved by the Bell' 
Blonde, squinty actress Renee 
Full name of the actress who portrayed Erica Lucas on The Cosby Show, and was on In Living Color 
Full name of red-headed actress from the Buffy and American Pie series 
Geography and Politics
Third-largest city in Ohio, home to the Reds and Bengals 
Former Soviet 'stan' state, starts with 'K' and NOT Borat's homeland 
Capital of the Ivory Coast 
First name of former Secretary of State Rice 
City in upstate New York, pronounced 'puh-KIP-see' 
City in West-Central Massachusetts, pronounced 'WUSS-tuh' 
City in upstate New York, pronounced 'skuh-NECK-tuh-dee' 
Capital of Madagascar 
European Micronation located between Austria and Switzerland 
Capital of Burkina Faso 
Full name of the current president of Iran, initials MA 
Full name of the USSR Leader from 1964 to 1982, initials LB 
Capital of Slovenia 
Hall of Fame Red Sox left fielder Carl 
Former Expos, Rockies and Braves slugger Andres 
Steelers Quarterback Ben 
Yankees first baseman Mark 
Head coach of Duke men's basketball Mike, aka 'Coach K' 
Coach K's former player and current assistant Steve 
Former Olympic diver Greg, best remembered for hitting his head on the diving board in 1988 
Full name of the South African women's runner at the center of 'Hermaphrogate,' who in 2009 was accused of being genetically male 
Full name of bemulleted former NHL great, mostly for the Penguins, last name pronounced 'Yogger' 
Full name of current Nigerian-American Raiders cornerback, initials NA  
Former Expos and Dodgers 2nd baseman Mark, nicknamed 'Grundle' 
First name of boxer Ali, born Cassius Clay 
Former Notre Dame football star, current Cubs pitcher Jeff 

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