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R----- 'A--------' B----------- (HBP)Discussed as a possible R.A.B.
F----- and G----- P------ (HBP)Brothers of Molly Weasley
H----- J---- (OOP)Member of the Order of the Phoenix
A-- B----- (GOF)Tried to market charmed carpets
G----- (HBP)Death Eater
P---- P------ (PS)Friend of Dudley Dursley
G------- M--------- (OOP)Head of Wizarding Examinations Authority
A---- L--------- (GOF)Neville Longbottom's mother
B----- Z----- (HBP)Slythrin from the Slug Club
B---- S----- (HBP)Orphan, one of the first of Riddle's victims
S------ (DH)Snatcher
P------ (GOF)Works with Arthur Weasley. Used to go camping
D------ R----- (HBP)Chaser in Harry's Quidditch team
A----- (HBP)Ginny's pet
C----- P------- (DH)Original owner of the resurrection stone
H---- (HBP)Hepzibah Smith's house elf
R------ H---- (PS)Teaches students to fly brooms
H---- B------ (COS)Muggle who witnesses a flying car
C-------- V-------- (POA)Seer, wrote a textbook
P----- (PS)Very annoying presence at Hogwarts

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