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Forced Order
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Monsta X/ face of the group
Seventeen/ father of 17/ leader
iKON/ was in kpop star 1
iKON/ leader/ YG says he is closest to G Dragons style of rapping
Romeo/ nickname sleepy head/ probably sleeps alot
N. Flying/ made a song with AOAs Jimin called GOD
Monsta X/ did a song with San E and Hyorin called coach me
Seventeen/ bboy/ is like Tao( martial arts)
Romeo/ nickname is mood lifter
Seventeen/ Boo
N. Flying/ plays the guitar
Romeo/ Lead rapper and dancer
Seventeen/ gentelman of group/ from the US
Seventeen/ mr. beanie/ Big bangs T.O.P
N. Flying/drums/ maknae/ older sister is Rainbows Jaekyung
Seventeen/ face of group
Seventeen/ producer/ shortest/ Suga from BTS
Seventeen/ angel/ mother of group
Monsta X/ was supposed to in Got7 trained with JYP ent/ leader
Monsta X/ song called 'Pillow' with Soyou and Giriboy
Seventeen/ dinosaur maknae/ asian MJ
Seventeen/ Mr. Blue Ear muffs/ Super Juniors Heechul
Seventeen/ 10:10 o clock
Romeo/ maknae/ known as gigantic baby
Romeo/ nickname is weird -Twinkle Twinkle Jaekyung
Seventeen/ leo Dicaprio/ rapper/ half Korean half American
Monsta X/ dancer
N. Flying/ former member of CN Blue
iKON/ played as little Lee MIn Ho in kdrama boys over flowers
Romeo/face of the group
Monsta X/ seen always wearing Joggers
iKON/ YG says he is closest to Taeyang in Singing
iKON/ main rapper/ winner of show me the money 3
Romeo/ Choreographs for fun probably for the group
iKON/ wanted to be a actor but was persuaded to try singing
iKON/ was apart of the original win who is next team B
Seventeen/ rockstar/ has same birthday as Vernon
Monsta X/former member of Nu'bility/ maknae

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