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Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite
Largest Population in the EU
Made of 4 countries
Won the Eurovision Song Contest more than any other country
Closest European Country to the Americas
Only western countries to inhabit islands off the coast of Africa
Smallest country to border Spain
Has the same official language as Brazil
Smallest country, in terms of size, in Europe
Most of Europe's tomatoes, flowers and cucumbers are imported from here
Has three official languages
Richest country, per capita, in Europe
Landlocked country, borders France
Has two countries within it
Landlocked by one country
Landlocked by one country
All these people now live in the UK
Was once part of Czechoslovakia
Connected to a country by a bridge
4th Largest country in Europe
'Land of the midnight sun'
Most sparcely populated country in Europe
Largest country in terms of size and population in Europe
Free public transportation
Borders Russia on both sides of the country
Funny shape
Only communist country of the former Soviet Union
Only country to border Russia and Romania
Was a part of Romania
Identical flag as Chad
1/3 of the country is covered in forest
Has one of the worlds oldest and biggest malls
Has over 4000 islands
Mother Theresa is from here
Former Yugoslav Country
Former Yugoslav Country
Former Yugoslav Country
Former Yugoslav Country
Former Yugoslav Country
Former Yugoslav Country
Was once part of Czechoslovakia
At war with bordering country
Borders Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia
At war with bordering country
Former Yugoslav Country
Borders Austria and Switzerland
The closest country to this is Turkey
The closest country to this is Italy
German speaking country
10,000,000 population

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