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Who did Uncle Albert used to box for?
In what series did Grandad die?
When Del Boy was telling Rodney about the office block he will own, what did TIT stand for?
What is the name of the Actor who played Grandad?
For what reason did Del tell Rodney Trigger gained his nickname?
In what year did the show start running?
What is the name of the building the Trotters live in?
Only Fools and Horses is based in which part of London?
What is Boycie's first name?
Who was killed taking a shortcut across the railroad track?
What is the name of the Prequel to Only Fools and Horses?
Who created the show?
Why was Grandad arrested in Spain?
What is Denzil's job?
What was Raquel's occupation before meeting Del?
How many Tulser brothers are there?
What did Del, Rodney and Albert try and capture worth £3000?
For how long does Trigger claim he's had his broom?
What football team does JoanTrotter support?
Which letter could Tony Angelino not pronounce?

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