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Can you name the Items That Evolve Pokemon?

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Trade + Hold Clamperl --> Gorebyss
Trade + Hold Clamperl --> Huntail
Trade + Hold Seadra --> Kingdra
Trade + Hold Porygon2 --> Porygon-Z
Trade + Hold Electabuzz --> Electivire
Trade + Hold Slowpoke --> Slowking
Trade + Hold Magmar --> Magmortar
Trade + Hold Onix --> Steelix
Trade + Hold Feebas --> Milotic
Trade + Hold Rhydon --> Rhyperior
Trade + Hold Dusclops --> Dusknoir
Trade + Hold Spritzee --> Aromatisse
Trade + Hold Porygon --> Porygon2
Trade + Hold Swirlix --> Slurpuff
Level up + Hold Happiny --> Chansey
Level up + Hold Sneasel --> Weavile
Level up + Hold Gligar --> Gliscor
Stone Kirlia --> Gallade
Stone Lampent --> Chandelure
Stone Growlithe --> Arcanine
Stone Gloom --> Vileplume
Stone Clefairy --> Clefable
Stone Mincinno --> Cincinno
Stone Cottonee --> Whimsicott
Stone Eevee --> Jolteon
Stone Poliwhirl --> Poliwrath

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