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HintMade Up PlaceAuthor/Creator initials
Siriusly, you can't stay here!JK Rowling
Bullies go a bridge too far?Katherin Paterson
Iron Fortress, guarded in one direction?JRR Tolkien
Home of Lana's mixed up? CS Lewis
Cowardly coloured cartoon homeMatt Groening
Need a snack? Let's play here Suzanne Collins
It's odd when things are the wrong way upMatt & Ross Duffer
CK has always had such a nobel heritageJerry Siegel & Joe Shuster
Dragon-boy's oldest fired from will?Christopher Paolini
WOW! No Outland or Draenor?Tom Chilton, Rob Pardo & Jeffrey Kaplan
HintMade Up PlaceAuthor/Creator initials
No stone unturned if you want to make a fireWiliam Hanna & Joseph Barbera
Lyra's alma mater, perhaps?Philip Pullman
City of the Feking seat?George RR Martin
Mickey's broom bedlam? Or Falcor flying far away?Michael Ende
Medical assistance? For a homeless man with two hearts?Sydney Newman
Midget motherland visited by an orange man's head?Jonathan Swift
Metal male, scaredy-cat and a crow holder? We know where you're headed!Frank L Baum
Forever Young?JM Barrie
Why you shouldn't follow rabbits into their warrensLewis Carroll
Home of Genghis's brother?Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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