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Can you name the characters in this name chain??

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Forced Order
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QuestionCharacter or Thing
The boy who lived
Who ends up marrying?
Whose eldest brother is?
Who marries this person in the 7th movie?
Krum and Cedric competed agianst her in this?
Which is hosted by?
Whose headmaster is?
Who is supposed to kill him?
Whose mother is?
Whose elf is?
Who is friends with this other elf?
Who serves this family?
Whose member is Harry's godfather?
Who is killed by?
Who is a faithful servant to?
Whose real name is?
QuestionCharacter or Thing
Who blames this person for opening the Chamber of Secrets?
Who breaks this family's door?
The name of the Harry's aunt in this family
Who was scared of this person as a child because she was a witch?
Who first loves?
Who is killed by?
Which is one of the seven of these?
Which also includes this object from Ravenclaw?
Which is found in this room?
Where Harry and his friends train this group?
Which plan to take down Voldemort in this place?
Whose leader is?
Who is replaced by this person?
Who gave a book from Dumbledore to this person?
Who marries?
Who is best friends with?

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