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Can you name the Scientists of the Scientific Revolution?

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Discovered that planets move in an elliptical orbit. 3 laws of planetary motion.
Discovered craters on the moon, Jupiter's moons, and sunspots. Rejected geocentric theory. Was later put on house arrest by the Catholic Church.
Universal law of gravitation, 3 laws of motion, and invented calculus
Macrocosm-microcosm analogy (human being is a replica of the world), rejected idea of 4 humors, and believed that a disease could be used in its cure.
Wrote a book called On the Fabric of the Human Body, about his personal dissection of a body
Wrote a book called On the Motion of the Heart and Blood, where he describes how blood travels throughout the body
Created a scientific method which was based on inductive principles
'I think therefore I am'. Wrote the Discourse on Method and he has been called the father of modern rationalism
French scientist who wanted to unite science and religion by using reason and emotion. Also invented a calculator and did work on probability.
Studied insects and plants and she depicted her observations through her drawings in her book Metamorphosis of the Insects of Surinam

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