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The year World War 1 began
What was the name of the German plan to capture France?
Archduke assassinated that began war:
Major Canadian Battle
Deadly weapon used by Germany in 1915: Came in canisters
Major Canadian Battle
Major Canadian Battle
Famous Canadian General
Dangerous weapon shot from concrete bunkers and fires several bullets a minute
Famous method of attack where artillery fires ahead of attacking soldiers
Major Canadian Battle
Who was the Prime Minister of Canada during World War 1?
German Navy Vessel giving them the upper hand in the Sea
Mobile weapon that was used to drive across no mans land and guard soldiers
Canadian policy that effectively forces soldiers to go to war
Long knife-like object on the end of the rifle
How women helped in the War #1
How women helped in the War #2
Posters used to influence decisions and create emotions
Command to leap out of the trenches and attack the enemy

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