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Can you name the tv show that featured grumpy old men?

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Character (Year)ShowActor
Det. Phil Fish (1974)Abe Vigoda
Mr. Wilson (1959)Joseph Kearns
Doc Adams (1955)Milburn Stone
Milburn Drysdale (1962)Raymond Bailey
Higgins (1980)John Hillerman
Red Forman (1998)Kurtwood Smith
Uncle Charley (1960)William Demarest
Mel Cooley (1961)Richard Deacon
Thurston Howell III (1964)Jim Backus
Louie De Palma (1978)Danny DeVito
Uncle Junior (1999)Dominic Chianese
Title Character (2004)Hugh Laurie
Lou Grant (1970)Edward Asner
Dr Leonard McCoy (1966)De Forest Kelley
Oscar the Grouch (1969)Carroll Spinney
Character (Year)ShowActor
Stanley Roper (1976)Norman Fell
Michael Kors (2004)Michael Kors
Sgt. Mick Belker (1981)Bruce Weitz
Oscar Madison (1970)Jack Klugman
Stanley Hudson (2005)Leslie David Baker
Dr. Perry Cox (2001)John C. McGinley
Howard Cunningham (1974)Tom Bosley
Frank Costanza (1990)Jerry Stiller
Al Bundy (1987)Ed O'Neill
Martin Crane (1993)John Mahoney
Fred Mertz (1951)William Frawley
Mr. Woodman (1975)John Sylvester White
Simon Cowell (2002)Simon Cowell
Gordon Ramsay (2005)Gordon Ramsay
Col. Wilhelm Klink (1965)Werner Klemperer

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