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Allegedly ...CelebrityDecade
this actor killed actress Viriginia Rappe1920's
this 'it girl' had affairs with married men1930's
this actress beat her kids with wire hangers1940's
this swashbuckler had sex with underage girls1940's
this actor dumped Tammy for Velvet Brown 1950's
the US Senate condemned this actress for her affair with an Italian director1950's
this actress's lover was killed by her daughter1950's
this singer said his band was more popular than Jesus1960's
this singer exposed himself during a Florida concert1960's
this actress became known as Hanoi [First Name]1970's
this director raped a 13 year old girl then fled the US to avoid prosecution1970's
this actress slapped a Beverly Hills cop1980's
this actor made a porn video with an underage girl at the Democratic Convention1980's
this singer relieved himself on a monument at the Alamo1980's
this comedian set himself on fire while freebasing cocaine1980's
Allegedly ...CelebrityDecade
this game show host sexually harassed the models1990's
this actor's son shot his daughter's Tahitian lover1990's
this duo lip-synched their way to a Grammy1990's
this actor criticized Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants2000's
this singer seduced a boy with Jesus Juice2000's
this actor cheated on The Good Girl with Gia2000's
this radio host called the Rutgers women's basketball team 'hoes'2000's
this actor shot his wife near an Italian restaurant2000's
this politician hiked the Appalachian Trail to Argentina2000's
this singer told Vanity Fair she did heroin while pregnant2000's
this singer said 'Crack is wack' 2000's
this singer beat up his singer girlfriend2000's
this actress shoplifted a necklace while on probation 2010's
this warlock has tiger blood running through his veins2010's
this politician has a frothy google problem2010's

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