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3 SongsAlbumYear
'Armenia City in the Sky', 'I Can See for Miles', 'Heinz Baked Beans'1967
'Butter', 'Excursions', 'Check the Rhime'1991
'I Want To Take You Higher', 'You Can Make It If You Try', 'Everyday People'1969
'Who Needs the Peace Corps?', 'Mom and Dad', 'Take Off Your Clothes When You Dance'1968
'Only Shallow', 'When You Sleep', 'Soon'1991
'Singapore', 'Downtown Train', 'Hang Down Your Head'1985
'Sister Ray', 'Lady Godiva's Operation', 'The Gift'1968
'Building Steam With a Grain of Salt', 'Midnight in a Perfect World', 'Why Hip Hop Sucks in '96'1996
'Angel of Death', 'Raining Blood', 'Jesus Saves'1986
'Johnny Hit and Run Pauline', 'The World's A Mess, It's In My Kiss', 'The Unheard Music'1980

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