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Pursued the formation of an elected legislature, revision of the Unequal Treaties with America and European countries, the institution of civil rights.
Japanese women who followed Westernized fashions and lifestyles in the 1920s. These moga were Japan's equivalent of America's flappers.
American general and field marshal of the Philippine Army who was Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s and played a prominent role in the Pacific theater.
This war was a war between the Japanese Empire and the Russian Empire. It started in 1904 and ended in 1905. The Japanese won the war, and the Russians lost.1904-05
Japan's para-fascist organization created by Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe on October 12, 1940 to promote the goals of his Shintaisei ('New Order') movement.
Bunmei kaika ('civilization and enlightenment') was a Japanese movement in the late 1800's (during the Meiji era) known for the westernization of Japan's culture.Exemplifies popular desire for the modernization of Japan.
This disaster devastated Tokyo, the port city of Yokohama, surrounding prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka, and caused widespread damage throughout the Kantō region.1923, Consider the Massacre of Koreans and implementation of Martial Law
Under some guy’s guidance, the Tokugawa shogunate navigated past a particularly difficult conflict over the succession to the ailing and childless Tokugawa Iesada.
The Oath outlined the main aims and the course of action to be followed during Emperor Meiji's reign, setting the legal stage for Japan's modernization. This also set up a process 1868
His ideas about government and social institutions made a lasting impression on a rapidly changing Japan during the Meiji Era. He is regarded as one of the founders of modern Japan
This thingy was a staged event engineered by Japanese military personnel as a pretext for invading the northern part of China, known as Manchuria, in 1931.1931
This religion has been called the state religion of the Empire of Japan, although it did not exist as a single institution and no 'Shintō' was ever declared a state religion.
The Public Security Preservation Laws were a series of laws enacted during the Empire of Japan. Collectively, the laws were designed to suppress political dissent.1925
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Comfort women were women and girls forced into a prostitution corps created by the Empire of Japan.
Japanese diplomatic journey around the world, initiated in 1871 by the oligarchs of the Meiji period.1871-1873
Elevating the Emperor above all others in theory gave all citizens the right to the same economic, social, and political opportunities.
A clause in the National Constitution of Japan that prohibits an act of war by the state. The Constitution came into effect on May 3, 1947, following World War II.'wanted it to prohibit any military establishment for Japan—any military establishment whatsoever.'
Became Resident General of Korea after the Russo-Japanese War.
This Society was an intellectual society in Meiji period Japan that published social-criticism journal Meiroku Zasshi (Meiroku Journal, 明六雑誌).
Japanese Anti-Capitalist philosopher. Influential figure in the early socialism movements of Showa Japan.
This war was fought between Qing Dynasty China and Meiji Japan, primarily over control of Korea.1894-95
This is a politically loaded word in the Japanese language, translatable as 'sovereign', 'national identity; national essence; national character' or 'national polity;
This was a change in U.S. policy toward Japan during the post-World War II reconstruction.
This law required every able-bodied male Japanese citizen, regardless of class, to serve a mandatory term of three years with the first reserves.
This title was the title held by General Douglas MacArthur during the Occupation of Japan following World War II.

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