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Can you name the Walking Dead (Game) Events and Characters.

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Forced Order
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Full name of the character you play as?
What job did the walker in Clementine's House previously do?
Name of the journalist in the pharmacy store?
Name of the tech geek in the pharmacy store?
What organ does Larry have problems with?
What did Katjaa's job used to be?
What did Kenny's job used to be?
Which Walking Dead TV and Comic character is in Episode 1?
Where do the group end up at the end of Episode 1?
What is the name of the Dairy in Episode 2?
What is Ben's teacher caught in?
What colour is Ben's uniform?
What are the people at the Dairy?
What weapon does Jolene have?
What piece of clothing does Jolene have that your character wants to find?
Which young character gets bit whilst trying to get onto the RV?
What is the name of the Hobo on the train?
Name the female character that you meet whilst travelling to Savannah?
Name the male character that you meet whilst travelling to Savannah?
What is blocking the trains path to Savannah?
What does Kenny want to look for in Savannah?
Who is ringing the bells in Savannah?
What is the name of the extreme survival camp in Savannah?
What do Vernon and Brie go to the extreme survival camp for?
What terminal illness does Vernon have?
What limb can your character have removed?
What character meets an unknown end?
Where is Clementine being held captive?
Who shoots or leaves your character in the last episode?
How many people does Clementine spot in the end of the game?

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