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Small green alien that resides his last days on Dagobah.
Simple helpful Gungan that helps Anakin.
Henchman and right hand man of Jabba the Hutt.
Tiny court jester for Jabba the Hutt.
Lizard-like bounty hunter.
Leader of the Gungans
Ewok that finds Princess Leia within the forests of Endor.
Famed Bounty Hunter that lusts for Han Solo.
Jedi that owns a purple lightsaber.
Jedi with a long head and serves in the Jedi Council.
A member of a dug race who loves podracing on Tatooine.
A member of the toydarian race who can fly around.
Anakin Skywalkers dark alter ego.
Sith with a two-pronged lightsaber.
A more common name for Darth Tyranus.
Clone Commander who receives Order 66 and consequently attacks Obi-Wan.
Jedi that takes Obi-Wan under his wing.
Bounty Hunter that attempts to kill Senator Amidala.
Obi-Wans lizard mount.
One of the Neimoidian Generals.
Anakin's Mother.
Creature in the deserts of Tatooine that Jabba tries to feed the heroes too.

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