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What was Lily Potter's maiden name?
Who were the 2 Triwizard Champions who got to the cup?
Who was the male Gryffindor prefect in Harry's first year?
Who was the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's second year?
Who out of the Marauders was nicknamed Moony?
Who murdered Dobby?
Who else could've been the chosen one, had Voldemort chosen them?
Who did Harry catch stealing Black family belongings in Hogsmeade?
Who did Bill Weasley marry?
Who's Animagi was a dog?
Which quidditch team does Ginny end up playing for?
What year of Hogwarts did Lily and James start dating?
What was the non verbal spell written in the Half-Blood Prince's book that Harry accidentally used on Ron?
What was Fleur's nickname while she was staying with the Weasleys?
What teacher allowed Harry to excel at potions
What magazine does Luna Lovegood's father edit?
What is the name of Hermione and Ron's first child?
What is the name of Harry's house elf?
What is the name of Hagrid's dog?
What is Lord Voldemort's real name?
What house does Harry nearly get sorted into?
What house was Hagrid?
What form did Harry's potronus take?
What is the Ravenclaw animal?
Who did Hermione go to the Yule Ball with?
Where did Harry first encounter a Dementor?
What colour is the contents of the Pensieve?
What animal did Harry accidentally set free from the zoo?
On what holiday were Lily and James murdered?
In what book/ film does Sirius Black die?

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