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TweetElin or Annie?
Woke up on the Dvorak-liking side of the bed.
Everyone's just going through, stepping their way through time...
Theming to Barbara Streisand
Moving one's fingers is overrated
'm having lots of fun in my head right now.
The music in my head is pretty interesting...
Working on single tonguing.
I might have figure out this breathing thing
TweetElin or Annie?
I was making music with my mouth today.
Stairwell to heaven.
'hooooooonk' is ferry for 'good morning'
Now providing you with unsolicited and only semi-qualified advice!
I am neutral on the issue of sailboats.
I would never censure someone for liking alligators. Alligators are pretty cool.
Dollar bills are silly at best.
You should wear more pink. When you feel stupid.

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