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stuttering king played by Colin Firth 
the story of Facebook 
Mark Walherg hits people, Christian Bale is jealous 
an answer within an answer within an answer... 
James Franco trapped in a gorge 
...but the adults aren't 
Natalie Portman does ballet 
Woody and Buzz are back 
remake of a John Wayne classic 
Jennifer Lawrence debut 
silent movie 
Scorsese's love letter to early cinema 
Alexander Payne dramedy set in Hawaii 
Tom Hanks in a small but pivotal role 
Woody Allen time travel comedy 
frustrated African-American house servants 
baseball math 
Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain and dinosaurs 
Spielberg's brave animal goes to battle 
Ben Affleck tries to save Americans trapped in Iran 
chronicles the hunt for Bid Laden 
a boy, a tiger, a boat...and hope 
should have been called The 13th Amendment 
a musical about very sad French people 
violent western about an angry slave 
Cooper, Lawrence, DeNiro 
a little girl and her dad struggle to survive 
elderly love story from the director of Funny Games 
a dark spot in our history 
elaborate scam from David O. Russell 
true pirate story with Tom Hanks 
aids story 
Bruce Dern thinks he won the lotto 
lost in space with Sandra Bullock 
Scarlett Johannsen is a computer 
she's searching for the son she never met 
Scorsese DiCaprio Hill 
Keaton as a former superhero actor 
Linklater's decades-long production 
Eastwood's ode to a sharpshooter 
decoding machine 
Stephen Hawking 
Wes Anderson 1930s romp 
MLK in a particular town 
drummer blues 
priests in trouble 
housing market debacle 
Leo vs the bear 
lost in space with Matt Damon 
George Miller sequel 
mother and son kidnapped for years 
Irish lass meets Italian boy in NY burrow 
cold war Spielberg movie 

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