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Can you name the Best Picture Nominations from the 1950's?

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The young one wants the older one's glamorous life. 
She Was Ready For Her Close-Up 
A man teaches proper etiquette to Judy Holliday 
Steve Martin starred in the remake of this wedding comedy 
Allan Quartermain goes on an adventure 
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron musical 
Montgomery Clift falls for Elizabeth Taylor 
A Love Story In The Roman Empire 
German prisoners spy on their own country 
The story of a circus 
The remake of this musical was also nominated for Best Picture in 2001 
A knight joins Robin Hood on a quest 
Western showdown at a very specific time 
John Wayne is a retired American boxer in Ireland 
Frank Sinatra co-starred in this classic set in Hawaii 
E Tu, Brute? 
Named after a piece of clothing that belonged to Jesus 
A bored princess falls in love with an American in Rome 
Alan Ladd as a weary gunfighter 
Marlon Brando coulda been a contender 
Crew members turn on an unstable Bogart 
A director seduces a has-been actor's wife 
Eight was more than enough in this musical 
Three women in Italy make a wish for romance 
Ernest Borgnine is lonely 
He works on a cargo ship during World War II  
A drifter enters a Kansas town on Labour Day 
An Italian woman living in the south 
A widowed doctor falls for a correspondent in Hong Kong 
A wager involving a lengthy travel 
Quakers in 19th Century Indiana 
James Dean on a cattle ranch 
Anna falls in love in Siam 
They were given directly to Moses 
Obi Wan Kenobi oversees the construction of this in Japan 
It means goodbye in Japanese 
The story of a young woman in a small New England town 
A jury deliberates 
Agatha Christie murder trail 
Leslie Caron is... 
An orphan lives with his free-spirited aunt 
Tennessee Williams play with Newman and Taylor 
Various stories while dining at a seaside hotel 
Two escaped convicts are chained together 
Chariot race 
Jimmy Stewart at a murder trial 
She was hiding from the Nazis 
Audrey Hepburn dressed like a penguin 
a young accountant schemes to wed a wealthy woman 

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