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Can you name the Oscar Best Picture Nominations 1944-1949?

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Bing Crosby as a priest 
A wife copes with domestic problems while her husband is away at war 
Barbara Stanwyck is wicked in this Billy Wilder classic 
Ingrid Bergman moves into the house where her aunt was murdered 
A chronicle of the political career of Woodrow Wilson 
Ray Milland as an alcoholic 
In the title role, Joan Crawford plays a woman who proves she can be successful on her own 
A priest and a nun engage in a friendly rivalry 
Hitchcock thriller about a man with amnesia wh may have committed murder 
Musical about two sailors on leave in Los Angeles 
Harold Russell, an amateur actor with no hands, won an Oscar for his role 
Christmas classic with Jimmy Stewart 
Remade in 1984 with Bill Murray in a serious role 
Based on the Shakespeare play about an infamous king 
A young boy adopts a deer 
Gregory Peck pretends to be Jewish 
Adaptation of a classic Dickens novel 
Santa goes on trial! 
An angel helps a bishop who desperately wants a new cathedral 
One of these soldiers committed murder...but which one? 
Shakespeare classic with Laurence Olivier directing and starringin the title role 
Three men search for gold in Mexico 
A woman finds herself in an insane asylum but doesn't know how she got there 
A def/mute woman gets pregnant after a rape 
A young ballet dancer is torn between the man she loves and her pursuit to become a prima ballerina 
The rise and fall of a corrupt politician 
Three women receive disturbing news from a friend 
A woman falls for a man who might be after her fortune 
American soldiers are trapped during the Battle of the Bulge 
High Noon? 

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