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Can you name the Best Picture Nominees from 1940-1943?

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Hitchcock's only Best Picture win 
Grant, Stewart and Hepburn in Pennsylvania 
Hitchcock's other 1940 nominee about spies during WW2 
Steinbeck's Great Depression story 
Charlie Chaplin classic 
Ginger Rogers is a secretary among Philadelphia socialites 
Bette Davis lies about shooting her husband 
John Ford film about men struggling to survive aboard a freighter 
Based on the wildly popular Thornton Wilder play 
Bette Davis plays a governess who incurs the wrath of an obsessive duchess 
Life is hard in a Welsh mining town 
Orson Welles classic that many people feel should have won 
This divine comedy was remade in 1978 with Warren Beatty as' Heaven Can Wait' 
Greer Garson opens a home for orphans 
A mexican tries to marry a U.S. native to become a citizen 
A ruthless wealthy family rules the South at the turn of the century 
Bogart on a quest for a priceless statuette 
A pacifist unwillingly becomes a hero in WW1 
Joan Fontaine suspects husband Cary Grant of trying to kill her 
The life of a minister and his family starring Frederic March 
An English family experiences life in the months before WW2 
An amnesiac WW1 vet falls in love with a music hall star 
also known as 'The 49th Parallel', it's about a ww2 U-boat crew stranded in northern Canada  
Orson Welles' troubled epic 
Five American children grow to adulthood at the turn of the century 
An Englishman tries to protect two children went Germany invades France 
Gary Cooper plays Lou Gehrig 
Biopic of George M. Cohan played by James Cagney 
An escaped prisoner and a stuffy law professor vie for the hand of a spirited schoolteacher 
U.S. Marines defend their island from the Japanese in WW2 
Of all the gin joints... 
Based on the Ernest Hemingway novel about a romance during the Spanish Civil War 
Only shares its title with the 1978 Warren Beatty remake 
Mickey Rooney is a teen from Ithaca 
The story of a doomed British destroyer and its survivors 
Bette Davis and her anti-Nazi husband get into trouble 
Two men and a woman share a single apartment and romance ensues 
She discovered radium 
A peasant girl has a vision of the Virgin Mary 
Townspeople form a posse to bring justice down on the murderers of a local farmer 

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