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Can you name the Oscar Best Picture Nomination from 1970 to 1979?

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He Sure Loved War 
Will They Crash? 
Jack Plays Piano on a Truck 
They Don't Have To Say They're Sorry 
Became the Longest Running Sitcom 
Gene Hackman Catches Bad Guys 
Kubrick and Torture 
A Jewish Peasant in Russia 
A Csar is Exiled to Siberia 
A Texas Town is Slowly Dying 
Michael Takes Over His Father's Job 
Squeal Like a Pig 
Swedes Travel to the U.S. 
Depression-Era South 
Liza Minneli sings and dances 
Scam Artists on a Train 
George Lucas in the 50s 
Ingmar Bergman Classic 
A Priest Tries To Save a Little Girl 
George Segal Meets a Sexy Brit 
Those Mobsters Are At It Again! 
Gene Hackman Is Listening 
Jack With a Bandage on his Nose 
Terror on the 38th Floor! 
He Was A Famous Comedian 
Jack In the Looney Bin 
A Gay Man Robs a Bank 
They Make Country Music There 
Kubrick and 18th Century Aristocracy 
Bruce Bites 
Eye of the Tiger 
He Brought Her To See A Porno! 
I'm Mad As Hell! 
Deep Throat 
Biography of Woody Gurthrie 
Diane Keaton is... 
You're My Only Hope 
Jane Fonda Smuggles Money Into Germany 
A Ballet Story 
A Neil Simon Comedy 
Russian Roulette in Vietnam 
Jon Voigt is Paralyzed 
An American In A Turkish Prison 
A Second Chance on Earth 
Jill Clayburgh is newly single 
Who Will Get The Kid? 
The Horror... 
Bob Fossey 
A Single Mother and the Unions 
Four young men and a cycling race 

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