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YearInducteeInducted By
1994Shane McMahon
1994Ernie Ladd
1994Bret Hart
1994Gorilla Monsoon
1994Regis Philbin
1994Jim Ross
1994Vince McMahon
1995Bobo Brazil
1995Doink The Clown
1995Scott Putski
1995Alundra Blayze
1995Gorilla Monsoon
1996Gorilla Monsoon
1996Joe Franklin
1996Don Muraco
1996Arnold Skaaland
1996Triple H
1996Bret Hart
1996British Bulldog and Owen Hart
1996Shane McMahon
2004Big Show
2004Mick Foley
2004Jimmy Hart
2004Ric Flair
2004Tyrell Janos
2004Ernie Ladd
2004Pat Patterson
2004Triple H
YearInducteeInducted By
2004Shawn Michaels
2004Blackjack Lanza
2005Sylvester Stallone
2005Ric Flair
2005Randy Orton
2005Jerry Lawler
2005Bobby Heenan
2005Jim Ross
2005Sgt Slaughter
2006Steve Austin
2006Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero
2006Hulk Hogan
2006Ted Dibiase
2006Greg Gagne
2006S.D Jones
2006John Cena
2006Bobby Heenan
2007Cody and Dustin Rhodes
2007Wade Boggs
2007William Shatner
2007Bobby Heenan
2007Don Muraco
2007Rob Van Dan and Sabu
2007Steve Austin
2007Samu and Matt Anoa'i
2008Triple H
2008The Rock
2008The Rock
2008Pat Patterson
2008Dusty Rhodes
YearInducteeInducted By
2008Jim Ross
2008John 'Bradshaw' Layfield
2009Vince McMahon
2009Ric Flair
2009Jim Ross
2009Gene Okerlund
2009The Honky Tonk Man
2009Dusty Rhodes
2010Ted and Brett DiBiase
2010Stan Hansen
2010Roddy Piper
2010Pat Patterson
2010Dick Beyer
2010Bret Hart
2010Dick Ebersol
2010Michael Hayes
2011Triple H
2011Ted Dibiase
2011The Armstrong Family
2011WWE Divas
2011Terry Funk
2011Dusty Rhodes
2012John 'Bradshaw' Layfield
2012Jimmy and Jey Uso
2012Shawn Michaels and Triple H
2012Alberto Del Rio
2012Dusty Rhodes

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