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The Montreal Expos moved in 2005. What team are they now?
This famous golfer is known as 'The Golden Bear'
Name the running back who was part of 'The Greatest Show On Turf'
In 2006, Allen Iverson was traded from the 76ers to this team.
Name the Original 6 NHL teams
Name the Original 6 NHL teams
Name the Original 6 NHL teams
Name the Original 6 NHL teams
Name the Original 6 NHL teams
Name the Original 6 NHL teams
This Slugging First Baseman was known as 'The Big Hurt'
Bill Parcells is widely known as the head coach of the New York Giants. Name one of the other 3 teams of which he was also the head coach.
The Horce Racing Triple Crown consists of The Kentucky Derby, The Belmont Stakes, and what third race?
How many teams make the NBA Playoffs?
Name the Philadelphia Phillies Mascot
What country does Lionel Messi represent in the World Cup?
Cassius Clay is better known as?
Name the point guard from the 2002 and 2003 Eastern Conference Champion New Jersey Nets
The Arizona Cardinals are currently in the NFC West. What division did they play in previously?
The Chicago Cubs play in what famous stadium?
This New Jersey Devils Goalie is the only Goalie in NHL history with Eight 40-win season
Which popular NASCAR driver drove #24?
The Cleveland Browns moved to a new city before restarting in Cleveland. What city did they move to?
What university is Jim Boeheim the coach at?
This retired NBA player recently called Kim Jong-un 'a friend for life'
Who is the president of the UFC?
The 1998 MLB expansion introduced two teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks and what other team?
Who was the Olympics Primetime Host for NBC from 1992-2016?
Prior to winning the National Championship with Ohio St, Urban Meyer led this school to 2 National Championships
This Journeyman QB took over for Steve Young as QB of the 49ers

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