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What QB did Tom Brady replace on the Patriots?
What position Did Chipper Jones Play?
Which city hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics?
Who was the Raiders QB in Super Bowl XXXVII?
What team does Felix Hernandez pitch for?
What country is Wimbledon in?
What team was the Thunder prior to being in Oklahoma City?
What NHL team plays in Winnipeg?
Who is the NHL all-time points leader?
Who holds the MLB consecutive games played streak?
Who owns the Cowboys?
What Lakers guard is the logo of the NBA?
Where did the Dodgers play prior to being in Los Angeles?
What team was the Titans prior to being in Tennessee?
What Yankees closer holds the all-time saves record?
The 2004 champion Pistons had two starting forwards who shared the same last name. What is that name?
What team drafted Shaquille O'neal?
Mario Lemieux played his entire career for which team?
Michael Jordan played one season of professional baseball for the minor league affiliate of which MLB team?
What player holds the NFL record for total rushing TD's in a season with 28?
What color is the jacket that the winner of The Masters receives?
Which boxer had his ear bitten by Mike Tyson?
Which NCAA football program is known as 'The U'
Which NCAA basketball team did Patrick Ewing play for?
The Masters, the PGA Championship, and The Open Championship are 3 of the 4 Golf Majors. What is the fourth?
Pete Carroll has won 1 Super Bowl championship with the Seahawks, and 2 NCAA championships with what college?
Other than the Cowboys, name one of the NFL teams that Deion Sanders has played for.
Deion Sanders also participated in a World Series with what MLB team?
How many miles are there in the famous race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?
What popular 7' 6' Chinese basketball player, played his entire NBA career for the Houston Rockets?

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