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QUIZ: Can you name the hidden secrets in Adventure Time?

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When is the very first time there is any evidence of a war?
In 'Ocean of Fear', what is underwater?
How does Jake think he got his powers, and how did he REALLy get them?
When is Abe Lincoln's first apperance?
The Desert of Doom was previously most likely a(n)
How does the movie 'Heat Signature' relate to this quiz?
Why is the 'well of power' significant to the war theory?
Fill in the blank from 'The New Frontier': '_______ haven't been reinvented yet.'
What is the most important thing one of the Lub Glubs does?
In 'Goliad', who does Princess Bubblegum look like and why?
BONUS! What is the major writer's fail in 'Evicted!'?

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