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Rules of Survival Vol. 1

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How often might it not be like that?you're a Nithin if you get this wrong
How many days does Conrado come to school after 6 months?use # or tu eres un Reuben
Will he stay longer if you write songs/raps/diss tracks about him?
How often does Jeet not hop on and die?#s or your Reuben
How often does Luca not listen in PLTW?
What nationality is Luca?
What do you do if someone says he's Italian?
After That?
And Then?
How often should you check schoology?This is for you Thomas
What's the lowest score Anish ever got on a history test?
Mr.Crosse is...awesome sauce or awesome crosse
Es Anish mi heroe?Multi-lingual quiz 4 equal rights
Who is my hero then?He draws guillotine
Does Shoya have a boyfriend?
How many likes will this get?use # or tu eres un Reuben
If you're trash you should...

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