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A Middle Eastern Country formerly led by Saddam Hussein
A country whose capital is Doha
An Arabian Trumpet
A kind of Arabian Shrub used as a narcotic
In Chinese culture, a physical life force
Standard English Keyboard Layout
A Fijian intoxicating beverage
A unit of weight originally used in Mesopotamia.
A type of curry
A monetary unit of Saudi Arabia and, formerly, various other countries.
A veiled garment worn by Moslem women
A style of South African Music
A form of Jewish Mysticism (alternate spelling)
The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
A Muslim Judge
Rare spelling for a word meaning a dish of seasoned meat
An Albanian unit of currency, equal to 1/100th of a lek
The wool of a muskox
A Chinese system of Medical Excercises
Capital of Nunavut
Place in Greenland with THREE 'naked' Q's
Computer Company
US electronic stock market
British Technology Company
A tree mentioned in the Quran (note this word has a Q followed by a Q followed by a U)
Alaskan City on the tip of the Kenai Peninsula

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