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A-This Empire declared war on Serbia after its Archduke was assassinated
B- Planes used at the start of the war
C-The Alliance that opposed the Allied
D-The most heavily armored battleships of the war
E- A World War I battle fought on 18 September 1918, involving the British Fourth Army (under the command of General Henry Rawlinson) against German outpost positions
F-German general that decided to bleed the french army White
G-The most feared army in Europe
H-A World War I battle fought on the Mesopotamian front on 21 January 1916 between Ottoman Army and Anglo-Indian forces.
I-The very first battle-cruiser
J-This Naval Battle preserved British naval dominance over Germany
K-What the British army was dubbed early in the war
L-British Oceanliner that when sunk propelled the US into war against the Germany
M-Also known as an arms race, helped build tension toward was
N-The last Czar of Russia that led them during World War I
O-This Empire broke apart after the war
P-Assassin of Franz Ferdinand, that sparked World War 1
Q-Japan seized this German coaling port
R-British pilot that shot down a Zeppelin over London
S-Battle that in one day killed 20,000 British soldiers
T-A new type of warfare employed in World War I
U-What the Germans called their submarines
V-Where was treaty that ended the war signed
W-US president during the War
X-The Germans were caught singing these on their frontlines
Y-The battle took place on the Western Front, between July and November 1917, for control of the ridges south and east of a Belgian city
Z-Famous dancer turned spy that was killed by the French in 1917

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