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Forced Order
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from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sec
What does Harry see in the hedge?
What is the first thing Dobby hits his head on?
What did Mrs. Weasley make her sons do when they arrived with Harry?
Where does the floo powder take Harry?
What car do Harry and Ron take to Hogwarts?
What is Lockhart's favorite color?
What is the generous gift from Draco's father?
What does Nearly Headless Nick want to join?
Who does Hermione ask about the Chamber of Secrets?
from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sec
Who is brought into the hospital wing while Harry is in there?
Where are Ron and Hermione when Harry leaves the hospital wing?
What is the name of the bird that bursts into flames?
Who showed Harry one of his memories?(full name)
Who was found petrified while holding a hand mirror?
What is Hagrid's spider's name?
What one word did Hermione write on the paper that was found in her hand?
Who is found laying unconscious in the Chamber of Secrets?
What does Harry give to Dobby?

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