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Can you name the Simpsons Hit & Run Vehicles?

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vehicle name
lisa's favorite doll
car of the future
ironically, bart drives it
bike of the future
buzz cola
willy's pride and joy
kearney got this from a retired villain
homer drives this on halloween
i've never seen krusty in it
gray and made of metal
barney's favorite car
Snake's Pink Sportcar
also a pizza delivery van
nice sports car
its not his but smithers drives it
smaller version of another vehicle
think of Dale Earnhardt jr
biggest and slowest vehicle in the game
grandpa's car
think of the KGB
'call (blank), that's my name'
vehicle name
a hindu drives it
theres purple lighting underneath
Marge's Chick car
supposedly fat tony's vehicle
what cops drive on halloween
you've seen in all the episodes
car from 1936
cop's favorite car
cletus' car
moe's piece of crap
bigger than homer's plow
la cucaracha horn
car seen in treehouse of horror viii
it belongs to skinner's mother
lisa drives it when you play apu
Car that hates books
government car
martin's car when he grows up
museum car
think of the otto-man
chief wiggum

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