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Can you name the Muppets on Family Guy?

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Forced Order
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Dial M for MurderYellow guy on Sesame Street
Dial M for MurderOrange guy on Sesame Street
A Picture's Worth a Thousand BucksBig guy on Sesame Street
Family Guy Viewer Mail #1Non-Scary Purple Vampire
Model MisbehaviorHas a severe addictionto a certain sweet
Jungle LovePeter played his assistant, acting like beaker
Deep ThroatsHas inside info on Mayor West
PetergeistOld Hecklers
Stewie Loves LoisDoesn't like people in his swamp
Mother TuckerWent on the talk with Harold Ramis and Ray Romano
Tan Aquatic with Steve ZissouForeign cook
Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou'Yyyyyaaaayyyy!!!'
Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou'Wacka Wacka'
Baby not on BoardTrying hard not to insult Saudi Arabians
Jerome is the New BlackLikes shows when he's by himself
April in QuahogHe was nominated for an oscar
Partial Terms of EndearmentMeg's Boyfriend for 5 seconds
Something, Something Dark SidePlays the giant snow monster
And I'm Joyce KinneyGets beaten up by Miss Piggy
And I'm Joyce KinneyAsks why Kermit cuts him out of a scene

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