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Can you name the movies which their plot includes an actor's other role?

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Movie PlotMovieActors in Clue
Sirius Black imprisons Neo in his castle and tries to steal his wife. Their only hope is... Hannibal Lecter
William Wallace and the Joker become minutemen and take on Lucius Malfoy and his redcoats
Qui-Gon Jinn, with the help of Mohandas Gandhi rescue several prisoners from Lord Voldemort
Happy Gilmore, Osmosis Jones and the Bandit organize a football team full of convicts.
Lex Luthor and the Green Goblin head down south to arrest Grima Wormtongue
Agent J and Dr. Ian Malcolm celebrate America's birthday by fighting aliens
Austin Powers meets his new inlaws: Nearly Headless Nick & Mary Poppins
Major Major has his son, Ron Burgundy show Sonny Corleone the Christmas Spirit
Ellen Ripley and Pope John Paul II have delinquents dig for buried treasure. Sam Witwicky rebels against them.
Jake La Motta and Batman plan a big heist and its up to Michael Corleone to stop them
Selena and Doughboy survive an attack from a lethal animal that killed Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson
Corporal Miller and Number Two plot to steal a diamond. Dr. Strangelove is on the case
Agent K and Tony Stark in a cat and mouse game to capture Blade
Benjamin Button tells a story of how Jerry Maguire made him a monster and a time he encountered Zorro.
Rain Man kidnaps Mrs. Doubtfire's kids so Erin Brockovich helps him get them back
Willy Wonka, Yogurt and Major Kong in a spoof of western classics
Jack Dawson goes undercover to stop R.P. McMurphy and his mole, Jason Bourne
Dr. Malcolm Crowe and Mace Windu run all over NYC searching for a bomb planted by Scar
Clark Griswold and Thornton Melon team up in a high stakes golf match while Peter Venkman tries to kill a gopher
Ferris Bueller leads an army of African Americans including Coach Herman Boone & Lucius Fox

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