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Can you name the Star Wars Characters on Family Guy (excluding the star wars/family guy episodes)?

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Forced Order
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Jabba the Griffin's slaveHe's Too Sexy for His Fat
Shoots a Cardboard cutout of Luke SkywalkerAnd the Wiener is...
The Last JediWhen you Wish Upon a Weinstein
'Use the force Luke'When you Wish Upon a Weinstein
They could never find the droids they are looking forStewie B. Goode
Stewie scares them away in their languageAnd Bango was his Name Oh!
Peter's sidekick who scares MortBlind Ambition
Watches on with happinessBlind Ambition
Beeps happilyBlind Ambition
Encourages Cleveland to kill QuagmireCleveland-Loretta Quagmire
Joe shoots them down in the sewersBreaking Out is Hard to do
Peter tries to get a group of these guys for his choir benefitThe Courtship of Stewie's Father
'Don't worry, they'll be back... and in greater numbers.'The Courtship of Stewie's Father
Luke fights this monster in Episode VIPeterotica
He saves Luke on HothYou may now kiss the... uh... guy who receives
Keeps warm inside the creatureYou may now kiss the... uh... guy who receives
Used to be a Meter MaidMother Tucker
Insults another pilotChick Cancer
Gets offended by Luke's remarkChick Cancer
Just sits there watchingChick Cancer
Also just sits thereChick Cancer
Just stands there cloaked in redBarely Legal
'Something, something, dark side'Barely Legal
Kneels before the emperorBarely Legal
'Challenge him, you must'Peter's Two Dads
'Yes from what he's told us, its right on the money'Peter's Two Dads
'And I'm Hayden Christensen'Peter's Two Dads
Quagmire's co-PilotAirport '07
Wanted Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr to sing for himTales of a Third Grade Nothing

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