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Can you name the Disney Movie Deaths?

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YearCharacterDescription of Death
1937Struck by lightning and falls off of a cliff
1942Shot by man in the forest
1959Killed by a prince, who stabs her in the heart with a sword
1989Stabbed in the chest by the splintered bowsprit of a boat
1991Falls off of a castle after stabbing the main character
1994Pushed by his brother into a stampede of wildabeests
1994Devoured by hyenas
1995Killed by a firework by a kid who doesn't know how to play with toys
1996Falls off of the bell tower of Notre Dame
YearCharacterDescription of Death
1997Killed by a falling column, but is saved when a man pulls her out of the Underworld
1998Shot by a firework's rocket
1998Devoured by a bird
1999Shot by a hunter in the jungle
1999Hanged by a vine wrapped around his neck
2003Devoured by a barracuda
2004Sucked into a jet engine by his cape
2009Falls ill and dies before she can leave to Paradise Falls with her husband

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