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Fat, lasanga-loving cat lives with owner Jon and canine Odie
On a farm, a pig, rooster, scaredy-duck, two sheep, a chick and an egg let their imaginations run wild
Bumbling sleuth attempts to track down Dr. Claw with the help of Penny and Brain
Most futuristic shark you've ever saw and teen band solve mysteries; defeat villains
A barbarian, the Princess Ariel and Ookla the Mok fight against sorcery in a post-1994 apocalyptic Earth
Little loonies Buster and Babs live in Acme Acres and attend the local Looniversity
Jungle Book characters fly planes; Mowgli's absent; replaced by Kit, a bear cub
The children of Charlie Chan form a band and solve mysteries
A bear and his bow-tied companion attempt to pilfer picnic baskets under the eye of Mr. Ranger
Sherman Fangsworth, who becomes a werewolf when seeing the moon's image, and pals solve mysteries
In Videoland, a group of Nintendo heroes take on Mother Brain
A series about underwater sea creatures, the focus is on AllStar Seaworthy and his friends
Little blue creatures must guard their magic from the would-be wizard Gargamel
He-Man fights against Skeletor and the evil minons of Snake Mountain
He-Man's twin sister, Adora, fights against Hordak and his evil Horde
A bullet-proof coat, a cannon hat, machine gun cane with a rat-tat-tat-tat-tat. What his name? Shhhh....
Heroes in a half shell fight against Shredder and Kraang
Series about the hijinks of a pink lion. 'Exit, stage right.'
Series about the hijinks of a blue hounddog. 'Oh, my darlin', oh my darlin...'
Once trapped on an island, now trapped in space. Based on a popular live-action sitcom
Robots in disguise from the planet Cybertron, Decepticons and Autobots, strive against each other
Ecology minded teens with power rings summon a superhero to save planet Earth
Feline refugees from the planet Thundera face off against Mumm-Ra and minions
Honeymooners-inspired series about cave people from the town of Bedrock
Rodents from the third planet in the solar system who ride motorcycles
Justice League-type organization faces off against Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom
Bandmembers dressed as felines travel the world solving mysteries
The club that's made for you and me. Its leader? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
Series about a wealthy boy, his dog Dollar, butler Cadbury and scientist Professor Keanbean
The star of The A-Team coaches a gymnastics squad - solves mysteries
Real-American heroes fight against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization
Portly star of The Great Outdoors is counselor at a kids' summer camp
Cartoon based on a film trilogy; the time-travelling Brown family travels about a modifed steam engine
An authentic series with Venkman, Spengler, Stantz and Zedmore teamed up with Slimer
Jake Kong Jr., Eddie Spencer Jr. and Tracy the Gorilla rid the world of ghosts and their master, Prime Evil
Trio of singing rodents create hijinks, much to the chagrin of Dave, thier manager
The feelings-focused residents of Care-a-Lot attempt to solve the world's problems
A bear and his cub protect the swamps of Paddlecab County from local alligators
Series based on an animatronic talking bear and his friends
Continual damsel-in-distress is often rescued from the Hooded Claw by the Ant Hill Mob
Video game plumbers navigate the perils of the Mushroom Kingdom
Kids club of Green Meadow learns about cooperation and friendship
Cars and prehistoric creatures mix in the world of hero Jack Tenrec
A diary-writing teenager, his dog Porkchop, best friend Skeeter and girlfriend Patty face life in Bluffington
Three little girls created with sugar, spice, everything nice and Chemical X take on villains in the city of Townsville
Ren attempts to find the thirteen treasures of Rule while beset by Pirates
The citizens of Duckburg are caught up in Uncle Scrooge's treasure-hunting escapades
A boy travels the world with his scientist father, bodyguard Race Bannon, the orphan Hadji and dog Bandit
Futuristic family with wife Jane, daughter Judy, boy Elroy, Astro the dog and Rosie the robot maid
Giant terrifying lizard is tempered by the anitcs of Godzooky
Girl who becomes 'keeper of color' fights villains with her color belt and her friends, the Color Kids
Teenage boy races around the world in the powerful Mach 5, often against the mysterious Racer X
Six friends stuck in a fantasy realm attempt to get home with the help of Dungeon Master
Anime religious series about Christopher and Joy who time-travel back to Bible times
Animated series with a starship crew continuing a five-year mission 'where no man has gone before'
Bear-like creatures on the moon of Endor, led by Wicket, have adventures
Based on the Disney film and its sequels, this series continues the adventures of a street urchin, the Princess Jasmine, a genie, a parrot and Abu the monkey
A miniature detective solves mysteries for the Finkerton Detective Agency
The original series in which the titular Great Dane and Mystery Inc. solve ghostly mysteries
Poetry-reading Moose and loyal squirrel are hindered by Cold War spies Boris and Natasha
Sailor-man is 'strong to the finish' when he eats his spinach
Porkpie hat wearing reptile who prefers the comforts of the zoo (part of the Hannah-Barbera New Cartoon Series)
Henry Cabot Henhouse III gains superpowers when drinking super sauce
Shoeshine Boy uses his super alter ego to rescue Sweet Polly Purebread
Live-action segments of Larry, Moe and Curly Joe interspersed with animated adventures
An animated prequel to the live-action sitcom featuring a furry alien from the planet Melmac
Descendants of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and the Wolfman fight for good against the organization OGRE
Disney Channel series featuring a teenage crimefighter, her friend Ron and his naked mole rat
Lab rodents, one a genius and the other a simpleton try to take over the world!
Chuck Norris and his team face off against The Claw and Super Ninja
Large purple mammal and his monkey companion So-So time travel throughout the world in a hot air balloon
Max Fleischer character and series; a sex symbol censored by the Hays Code 'Boop-Oop-a-Doop'
Four half-man, half sharks fight crime
Cybernetic versions of Moe, Larry and Curly work for Agent OOO
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be mine?
Series starring the other science guy aided by Josie and Lester the lab rat
Pull up a Chairry and scream when you hear the secret word, Ms. Yvonne or the King of Cartoons may be dropping in
Teen angels and their prehistoric companion fight crime
A penguin and his walrus pal Chumley repeatedly escape from the zoo, much to the chagrin of their keeper
Generalized title for Merrie Melodies and other such series' starrring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Sylvester, Porky Pig and others
Series about a looney bird with pileated red feathers and his signature laugh
A web-crawler and two former X-Men, Ice Man and Firestar, protect the innocent against various villains
Children's show with a 30-year run where the title character, played by Bob Keeshan, interacts with puppets and guests including Mr. Green Jeans
Portly teen leads a junkyard band that learns life lessons. 'Hey, hey, hey!'
Art Clokey claymation series in which a green stick man and his horse Pokey have adventures
Claymation religious series in which a boy and his large dog learn life lessons
Skeletal Baron Dark and his boney followers attempt to seize and control the Lightstar Crystal
A routine expedition sees the Marshall family plunged into a land of dinosaurs and the dreaded Sleestak
A boy who controls an immense space-age robot fights crime around the world
A mutated janitor nerd and his friends take on polluters in Tromaville
Quintessential cat and mouse cartoon. Cat chases mouse. Mouses inflicts pain on cat. Repeat.
A series about the hijinks of teens at Riverdale High School, including the titular character who can't choose between Betty and Veronica
Who's your friend when things get rough? Depends on if you're Jimmy who has a magic flute and is beset by Witchiepoo
Penry the mild mannered janitor becomes a bumbling karate champ when called upon to solve a case
Green-faced Jim Carrey character gets animated series
Lydia Deetz and her wacky human-exorcist friend explore the Netherworld and the town of Peaceful Pines
Cartoon based on a comic strip about a yellow canine owned by a goose
Critically acclaimed Dark Knight series that introduced Harley Quinn
90s series in which a team of mutants tries to encourage tolerance in society by fighting against Magneto, Apocalypse and others
Rick Moranis voices Max Schneider who teaches at a school for monsters

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