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What charity did he do a concert for at Joe's Pub?
In what country did he write 'Not Alone'?
Don't ____ Darren.
Favorite flavor of juice?
Where was he when he said 'You know it's a party when the suspenders come off'?
Name of character in Katy Perry's music video?
What high school event did he not attend because he was grounded?
Livestream where 'Let's vote together sometime' was created?
Glee cast member he wants to sing 'Coolest Girl'?
Glee cast member who knew about AVPM before meeting him?
Venue that both he and his character Blaine Anderson have sang at?
He is half ______ and half Irish
Number of roommates?
How many of the songs in AVPS did he write?
Where did he perform 'Singing in the Rain' in the rain?
Name of the theatre where he starred in H2$?
Favorite record?
Brother's band?
Sci-fi obsession?
Disney character that inspired him to act?
Duet with Charlene Kaye?
'There's nothing more ______ than being who you are.'
One of his favorite bands? (one of their songs is Shiver Shiver)
Charity associated with 'Not Alone'?
Song that begins with 'Wake up, I'm lonely'?
Home town?
Lived in this city for 4 years as a child?
Name four instruments he plays: 1
His run on Broadway grossed over _ million dollars.
Two TV shows besides Glee he has appeared in: 1
Birthday? (month day, year)
Who was he replacing when he sang for President Obama?
Snack Harry doesn't want to trade to Malfoy in exchange for his dragon?
Manager's name?
Voted Most Likely to ____ _ _______ in his high school year book.
Supposedly unable to cook anything besides these?

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