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Forced Order
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QuotesCharacter Names
Well, did he get a look at the guy?
He's studying law at Notre Dame!
See anything you like, Col?
Was a young guy...
It's quite natural.
I'm not them, alright? I'm not **** them!
Fitzy has the chicken.
Tell me why!!
You're a worker. You rise fast.
Is my wife a money-grubbing ****?
I was reaching for my **** cigarettes!
I ain't gonna hurt ya.
You're running him?! You give him to me!
I have one customer sitting here.
I'm waiting for you to make your move.
You can go in there now.
They didn't figure we had a navy.
I can't wait to wipe that **** smirk right off of your face.
At least someone can stand the son of a bitch.
QuotesCharacter Names
They said you was in the Staties...
Given your nature.
Can you still...?
Sell potatoes! I don't know what you're gonna do. (Hint: City)
No wonder you get ahead.
Yeah. He pays you.
Let me straighten you out.
We were excessive with the cop.
I can see you're a worker.
What you see there for service is what you're gonna get.
Just a number on a card. Beeper number.
The readiness is all.
It don't add inches to your dick.
You're hot ****!
He's staight out of 'Going My Way.'
And your father called you the tumor.
This close to Worchester. This side of Worchester.
What's he doing? Setting up IRAs?
What do you think we're in? The **** haberdashery business?

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