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Cuir briathra sa Bhriathar Saor

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(Dún) an doras.The door was closed.
(Ceap) Mícheál D Ó Huigínn ina Uachtarán.Michael D Higgins was appointed president.
(Bailigh) mórán airgid. A lot of money was collected.
(Tosaigh) an cluiche.The game was started.
(Beir) i gCorcaigh mé.I was born in Cork.
Ar (Imir) an cluiche?Was the game played?
Níor (Scríobh) an leabhar.The book wasn't written.
(Tabhair) airgead dúinn.Money is given to us.
(Cuir) an litir sa phost.The letter is put in the post.
(Athraigh) na rialacha.The rules are changed.
(Deir) gurbh é an cluiche ab fhearr riamh.It was said that it was the best game ever.
(Inis) an scéal.The story is told.
(Tóg) an bruascar amach.The rubbish is taken out.
(Deir) go bhfuil bradán sláintiúil mar bhia.It is said that salmon is a healthy food.
(Oscail) an scoil nua amárach.The new school will be opened tomorrow.
(Eisigh) vacsaín nua.A new vaccine will be issued.
(Imir) an cluiche amárach.The game will be played tomorrow.
Ní (Dún) an monarcha.The factory will not be closed.
An (Lean) an scéal ar aghaidh?Will the situation continue?
(Bris) an fhuinneog.The window will be broken.

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