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Can you name the Star Wars KOTOR 2 Party Members?

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HintParty Member
Creepy old Jedi woman. Has a weird fascination with you. Likes to give you nifty Force powers
Scoundrel whose talents with a blaster are only matched by his wit and sharp tongue. Also a major pervert.
The droid who returns from KOTOR 1. R2-D2 rip-off. Pretty much useless after the first levels in the game.
Horned alien who can fix pretty much anything. Also has a weird arm. Same species as Darth Maul, but actually has more than one line of dialogue
Telos chick with white hair. Can only be used with male Exile. Prefers doing tae-bo in the cargo room instead of sleeping in a room
An alien with no eyes whatsoever. Can supposedly see through the 'Force.' You have to fight her in a cheap fight to obtain her. Once a slave to a villain in the game.
Bounty hunter chick with a weird rocket launcher on her arm. Has issues with Answer #8. Can only be used if light side.
Wookiee with a major attitude and temper problem. Not as cool as Zaalbar from KOTOR 1. Can only be used if dark side
An annoying small robot. Hovers around and has a really creepy voice. The most useless character hands down in KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2. Answer #10 calls him a 'fat one.'
Assassin droid back from KOTOR 1. Still as funny and as homicidal as before, despite being knocked around a bit.
A guy who admires you a little too much. Answer #2 doesn't like him at all. Sometimes sounds like a naive idiot. Can only be found if using a woman
Mandalorian chief who wears a funky set of armor. Talks a lot about battle and destroying things. Known by a different name in KOTOR 1.

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